Bizonyított: a kutyák tudják, mit érez a gazdi



Riport Szánthó Flórával. Hegyvidék TV, 10:20-tól, 2014. 08. 06.

Collective motion of dogs is influenced by underlying social network structures and by characteristics such as personality differences.

The video shows a group of dogs equipped with GPS around the owner during a free walk. We obtained high-resolution spatio-temporal GPS trajectory data from five Vizslas and a mixed breed dog belonging to the same household and their owner during fourteen walks, and identified several features of the dogs’ paths (e.g., running speed or distance from the owner) that are characteristic of a given dog. A detailed analysis of motion patterns quantified leading-following interactions between pairs of dogs that run loops jointly. We found that the network constructed from the leader-follower relations was hierarchical, and the dogs’ positions in the network correlated with their age, and their dominance rank order, trainability, controllability, and aggression derived from questionnaires. See Ákos et al.

Voice areas in the dog and human brain

Robot demonstration – A short demonstration of Ethon’s motoric abilities

Ethon, the porter robot


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