Master of Science

Professional subjects:
Research method (kutmodub17gm) – autumn semester
Advanced metholodology I. PR (mamgy1ub17gm)
– you can apply for the spring semester in November (

Mandatory subjects:
Advances metholodology II. PR (mamgy2sb17gm) – you can apply for the autumn semester in June (

Mandatory elective subject:
Ethology lecture (etologsb17em) in Hungarian – autumn semester
Ethology lecture (etologsb17em) in English – autumn semester
Applied ethology and animal welfare (alketosb17em) – autumn semeseter
Practicals in ethology and behavioural ecology practice (etovissb17lm) – spring semester
Cognitive and neuroethology (kogneusb17em) – spring semester
Social learning (szoctasb17em) – autumn semester

Thesis work:
Thesis research work I. (diplm1ub17dm) – autumn semester
Thesis research work II. (diplm2ub17dm) – spring semester

Elective subjects:
Integrated research methods in ethology (bb2n9102) – tavaszi félév

Lectures given in the past:
Behaviour ecology practice  (bb2n6e04)
Alkalmazott etológia gyakorlat (bb1n4ab1)
Animal welfare lecture (bb2n1e10)

Human ethology (bb2n1e28)
Cognitive ethology lecture (bb2n1e32)
Research planning practice (bb2n4e02)
Kutatástervezés gyakorlat (bb2n4e02)
Szociális tanulás előadás (bbbn9107)

Integrated research methods in ethology lecture (bb2n9102)