Guest talk – “Fruits of Ethology” series

Guest talk – “Fruits of Ethology” series

In the framework of the “Fruits of Ethology” guest talk series we will have the pleasure to welcome our next speakers, Csaba Kerepesi és Balázs Szalkai (PIT Bioinformatics Group, Eötvös University) . 

Date: 26th of April, Thursday, 16.30
Location: ELTE, South Building, 7.110Pázmány Péter sétány 1/c
Title: Data mining of brain graphs


Human Connectome Project, a recent US project to study the healthy human brain,  published MRI images of 1200 healthy adults. We  downloaded the data and constructed graphs from them. The constructed brain graphs consist of 1015 brain areas and a lot of links among the areas. Here, we will talk about our explorations on the constructed brain graph data, and the correlations between brain graphs and behavioral data.


All welcome!
Márta Gácsi & Ádám Miklósi