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Is it possible to train dogs through social learning? Yes!
Thanks to the work of Hungarian researchers, there is clear evidence that dogs are able to learn new actions and tasks by observing humans. The ‘Do As I Do’ method can also be useful when training helper and therapy dogs or other working dogs, but also for family dogs if you want your pet to be able to learn more complex tasks. However, the Do As I Do method has another advantage: dog owners who work with this method (also) can gain a much deeper dog-owner relationship, which is grateful in other areas of life as well.

The book includes getting started and a video appendix to help you learn the method. However, the Do As I Do method is constantly evolving.

You will find the information needed to download said video in the book.
Hungarian translation: Eszter Petró


Katalin Mund: The secrets of dog ethology (in Hungarian)
The dog is man’s best friend but what do they think? Can dogs count? How do they show their attachment? Such and similar issues concern ethologists. The book reveals how experiments can prove scientifically what owners have always known:
Katalin Mund, a sociologist, observed the work of ethologists working at the Department of Ethology at Eötvös Loránd University using the methods of cultural anthropology when examining dogs. What is the job of a sociologist in this situation? She studies, among other things, exactly how a new discipline is born and how science works.
Today, the Department of Ethology of Eötvös Loránd University is at the forefront of the scientific field. The book will help you understand what a bumpy path researchers have had to take to create and raise to a world level a previously non-existent field of science, cognitive dog ethology, the discipline that deals with dog thoughts.



Csányi Vilmos – Kubinyi Enikő – Miklósi Ádám: Csányi Vilmos Kutyaakadémiája (in Hungarian)