Biologia Futura 2019/2 -Thematic Issue

Biologia Futura 2019/2 -Thematic Issue

We proudly announce the thematic issue of Biologia Futura (Editor-in-Chief Prof. Ádám Miklósi,, which covers full-length original research papers based on the presentations from the 2018 (6th) Canine Science Forum, Budapest, Hungary:


Editorial foreword

Pongrácz, P. – The future of biology from a canine perspective. DOI 10.1556/019.70.2019.11

Original articles

Pörtl, D. & Jung, C. – Physiological pathways to rapid prosocial evolution. DOI 10.1556/019.70.2019.12

Kiss, O. & Topál, J. – How do dogs monitor the human’s attentional state after challenged by the presence of forbidden food? DOI 10.1556/019.70.2019.13

Czeibert, K., Andics, A., Petneházy, Ö. & Kubinyi, E. – A detailed canine brain label map for neuroimaging analysis. DOI 10.1556/019.70.2019.14

Gábor, A., Kaszás, N., Miklósi, Á., Faragó, T. & Andics, A. – Interspecific voice-discrimination in dogs. DOI 10.1556/019.70.2019.15

Shorter, K. & Brown, W. – Ground force kinetic adaptations associated with canine boots. DOI 10.1556/019.70.2019.16

Lenkei, R., Pogány, Á. & Fugazza, C. – Social behaviour in dog puppies: breed differences and the effect of rearing conditions. DOI 10.1556/019.70.2019.17

O’Hara, S. & Worsley, H. K. – A cost-effective, simple measure of emotional response in the brain for use by behavioural biologists. DOI 10.1556/019.70.2019.18

Reem, N. – Shelter-housed versus Re-homed Dogs: Adjustment, behavior, and adoption outcomes. DOI 10.1556/019.70.2019.19

Iotchev, I. B., Egerer, A., Grafe, S., Adorján, A. & Kubinyi, E. – Encounters between pairs of unfamiliar dogs in a dog park. DOI 10.1556/019.70.2019.20