MTA-ELTE Comparative Ethology Research Group (2012-2017)

Önarckép.jpgBoróka Bereczky
Assistant research fellow. The dog-owner relationship is her research topic. Participate in the writing and managing of the research group’s projects.
Curriculum vitae, Call: +36-1-381-2179 /Ext. 8079

farsangBence Ferdinandy
Assistant research fellow. I am mainly interested in modeling various complex biological and social systems and studying emergent phenomena in these systems. I am currently working on automatic behavior recognition to help capture large amount of data on animals. Curriculum vitae, Call: +36-1-411-6500 /Ext. 8797


Gácsi MártaMárta Gácsi, PhD
Senior research fellow. Her major field of study is the ethological analysis of dog-human relationship and the role of domestication in dogs’ socio-cognitive capacities. In the Family Dog Project research group she has conducted comparative investigations on dog–wolf socio-cognitive abilities, dog–human communication and dog’s human directed aggression. Currently her major research interest is the application of dogs’ interspecific social behaviours as a model for designing more “social” service robots. Curriculum vitae, Call: +36-1-411-6500 /Ext. 8795 E-mail:

Koller DóraDóra Koller
Assistant research fellow. She is a geneticist. Her main interests are: genetic factors influencing animal models, such as social behavior of different dog breeds and domestication of wolves.
Curriculum vitae, E-mail:


Raj Levente
Levente Raj
Assistant research fellow. He’s research area is the control of mobile robots. He’s main task in the Research Group is to maintain and further develop the mobile robots used in etho-robotics research.
Curriculum vitae, E-mail:

Dorottya Júlia Ujfalussy, PhD
Assistant research fellow. Area of interest: Physical cognition, mental representations, object permanence, numerical and quantity related cognition. Main interests: comparative corvid cognition, trainability and social behaviour of socialized wolves toward people.
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