PhD Students

Judit Abdai

Topic: Dog-robot interaction. Interpretation of third-party social interaction in dogs (Canis familiaris).


Czinege Nikolett
Nikolett Czinege

Topic: Dog-robot interaction.


Gábor Anna_02
Anna Gábor

Topic: Neural mechanisms of processing social stimuli in dogs.


Beáta Korcsok

Topic: Social robotics, Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). Ethologically inspired robot behaviour.


IMG_7564 8.1.jpg
Krisztina Kovács

Topic: Comparative research of sociocognitive skills and social sensitivity in dogs and children.


Boglárka Morvai

Topic: Social learning of sex roles.


Fanni Lehoczki

Topic: Intra- and interspecific features of parent-offspring communication in dogs, and the ontogeny of puppy vocalizations.



Eszter Petró

Topic: Dog-robot interactions: Interpreting of other’s intent in dogs.



Sara Świerkosz

Topic: Dog-robot interactions: The development of attachment behaviour in dogs and its relationship with cooperative tendencies, jealousy and separation related behaviour.


Dóra Szabó

Topic: Investigating the factors influencing the cognitive state of aged dogs.


Zsuzsanna Szamosvölgyi

Topic: Ontogenesis of dog-vocalization especially to the newborn stage in dogs. Analysis and characterization of main types in newborn dog vocalization.


Flóra Szánthó

Topic: Emotion recognition and synchronisation in dogs.


Andrea Temesi

Topic: The role of oxytocin in human-pet interaction and attachment.


dr. Orsolya Julianna Torda

Topic: The environmental and congenital causes of voracity and obesity in dogs.