Humanethology (BIO/2/3)

4 credits, lecture, obligatory, can be taken only once
Responsible person: Prof. Ádám Miklósi
Lecturer: Prof. Ádám Miklósi
Obligatory/Recommended studies: Human ethology for BSc Biology
Requirements: During the semester: participating on the lectures, asking/answering questions. During exam period: oral exam (offered scores)
Consultation possibilities: On case by case basis after prior correspondence
Notes, books and recommended literature: Barrett, L, Dunbar, I, Lyatt, J. 2002 Human evolutionary psychology
Laland, KN, Brown G 2002 Sence and Nonsence: Evolutionary perspectives on human behaviour
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Detailed topics of the course:
(The course is organised in blocs, there will be generally 4 or 5 meetings during the semester)
General overview of human ethology – Discussions about topics, distribution of tasks (readings, paper presentations, practicing of critical evaluations)
Oral presentations – Each time students present a free short lecture about their readings followed by questions and discussion
Oral presentations
Oral presentations