Evolution of communication (in Hungarian) (Course code: bbbn9078)

specialization obligatory optional, 2 credits, 90 minutes/weekly
Semester: autumn
Requirement: exam (5) (written pre-exam + oral exam)
Obligatory/Recommended studies: evolution, ethology
Responsible person:  Márta Gácsi, PhD
Lecturer: Faragó Tamás, PhD; Márta Gácsi, PhD; Konok Veronika, PhD; Ádám Miklósi, Prof.; Péter Pongrácz, PhD
Consultation possibilities: after the last lecture
Books: slides of the lectures

1. Introduction – the history of the investigation of communication
2. Ecological approach of analyses of communication
3. How shall we study communication: methodological considerations
4. The adaptivity of communication I.
5. The adaptivity of communication II.
6. Chemical signals in communication – evolutionary aspects
7. Biological synthesis and neurobiological aspects
8. Cognitive approach of communication
9. Biological basis of the human language
10. Interspecific communication: human and dog
11. Artificial languages I. – experiments on language learning
12. Artificial languages II. – basic forms of language competence