Ethology (BIO/2/4)

4 credits, lecture, obligatory, can be taken only once
Responsible person: Péter Pongrácz, PhD
Lecturer: Péter Pongrácz, PhD
Requirements: During the semester: preparation of short talk on scientific papers. During exam period: oral exam
Consultation possibilities: during the semester
Mode of teaching: Students prepare short presentations, based on the current literature and the corresponding chapters of the book ‘Prespectives on animal behavior’ edited by Goodenough et al. The short presentations are discussed together with the lecturer as moderator.
Books: Goodenough, J., McGuire, B. and Wallace, R. A. (2001). Perspectives on animal behaviour, 2nd edition. John Wiley & Sons Inc: New York.

Detailed topics of the course:
1. The classical methods of studying animal behavior
2. Genetic analysis of behavior
3. Ecological approach to animal behavior
4. Functions and mechanisms of learning
5. Physiology and behavior
6. Ontogeny of behavior
7. Biological clocks, mechanisms of orientation
8. Antipredator behaviour
9. Sexual selection, parental care
10. Evolution, function and mechanisms of living in groups
11. Communication