Dog Ethology Online Talks 2022

Dog Ethology Online Talks 2022

Join our webinar on 29/Jan, 15:05 CET!

Researchers of the Family Dog Project (Budapest) introduce their most recent findings to non-experts and dog lovers and thus show their gratitude to the dog owners who support science by volunteering with their dogs and participating in studies.

– Admission is free.
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Passcode: 893681
(From 10:00-15:00 CET the talks are in Hungarian. English program will begin at 15:05)

15:05 Welcome

15:10 Dr. Laura Cuaya: Can dog brains differentiate languages?

15:25 Dr. Péter Pongrácz: Hounds and dogs and owners – could the canine attachment bond be breed-specific?

15:40 Dr. Claudia Fugazza: Exceptional dogs

15:55 Dr. Andrea Sommese: Why do (some) dogs tilt their heads?

16:10 Shany Dror: Learn fast & remember for long? Exceptional dogs rapidly acquire the names of new objects

16:25 Shany Dror: Live demo of an exceptional dog

Supported by NKFIH Mecenatúra (MEC_N 141314)

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