CV – Prof. George Kampis

Place & date of birth: Budapest, Hungary – 2 June 1958
Nationality: Hungarian
Education: electric engineer, MSc.

1977-1981 Budapest Technical University, Faculty of Electric Engineering

Languages skills: English, German, Russian

2007                            Habilitation (ELTE, biology)
2005                            Dsc in philosophy (Hung.Acad.Sci)
1997                             CSc in biology (Hung.Acad.Sci)

Professional experience and positions:
2007-2015                  Head of department, full professor (ELTE)

1995-2007                  Head of department, associate professor (ELTE)
1988-1995                   Senior research fellow (Hung.Acad.Sci – ELTE)
1984-1987                   Hung.Acad.Sci. doctoral fellow

Educational activities:
2016 –                           philosophy of science, and cognitive science courses

1995-2015                  philosophy of science, history of science, cognitive science, and consciousness studies courses

Domestic and foreign scholarships:
2014-                            guest professor (PhD programme, computational science, ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia)

2014                             Fellow, NIAS (Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, 5 months)
2012                              guest professor (6 months), University of Amsterdam

2011                              FuturICT flagship pilot (1 year), management associate, ETH Zürich
2006-2011                  Fellow, Collegium Budapest (the Institute for Advanced Study)
2009                             Fulbright research fellowship (6 months) Indiana University, Bloomington, IN
2007                             Basler Chair of Excellence, East Tennessee State U., TN
2004                            guest professor  (1 semester, University of Vienna, Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science)
2004                            guest professor (2 weeks), Dept. of Mathematics, Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan.
2002-2003                Fujitsu Associate Professor of Complex Systems (1 year), Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Tatsunokuchi, Ishikawa, Japan.
2001-2004                Széchenyi professzoral fellowship (a national fellowship at ELTE)

5 most significant publications (within 5 years):
Kampis, George, Tobias Franke, Sascha Negele, and Paul Lukowicz. “Efficient Information Distribution Using Human Mobility.” Procedia Computer Science 66 (2015): 382-391.

Kampis, George, Jan W. Kantelhardt, Kamil Kloch, and Paul Lukowicz. “Analytical and simulation models for collaborative localization.” Journal of Computational Science 6 (2015): 1-10.

Gulyás, László, George Kampis, and Richard O. Legendi. “Elementary models of dynamic networks.” The European Physical Journal Special Topics 222, no. 6 (2013): 1311-1333.

van Harmelen, Frank, George Kampis, Katy Börner, Peter Van den Besselaar, Erik Schultes, Carole Goble, Paul Groth et al. “Theoretical and technological building blocks for an innovation accelerator.” European Physical Journal-Special Topics 214, no. 1 (2012): 183-214.

Soós, Sándor, and George Kampis. “Beyond the basemap of science: mapping multiple structures in research portfolios: evidence from Hungary.” Scientometrics 93, no. 3 (2012): 869-891.