CV – Paula Pérez Fraga, DVM

Name: Paula Perez Fraga
Area of interest: Animal-human interaction and communication. Behaviour problems of companion animals
Place & date of birth: A Corunha (Spain) 14-09-1986
Nationality: Spanish
Education:doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM)


  • Diplomate in Veterinary Medicine (Veterinary Faculty of Lugo. Spain)
  • Master´s Degree in canine/feline applied ethologz and animal welfare, topic  `Clinical case of separation related disorder diagnose and treatment´ (Veterinary Faculty of Zaragoza. Spain)

Languages skills: 
Galician and Spanish:

  • Writing: Native
  • Listening: Native
  • Reading: Native
  • Speaking: Native


  • First Certificate in English. Cambridge University. A Coruña,2012.
  • Official school of languages certificate. (B2 Level) A Coruña. 28/09/2004
  • Writing: B2
  • Listening: B2
  • Reading: B2
  • Speaking: B2


  • Writing: Pre-intermediate
  • Listening: Intermediate
  • Reading: Intermediate
  • Speaking: Intermediate

Degree: Diplomate veterinary medicine

Professional experience and positions:

  • PhD Student Ethology department EOTVOS LORAND Sept 2018-Nowdays Topic: `Interspecific communicative abilities of the family dog and domestic pig from a comparative ethological perspective´
  • Veterinary surgeon at Veteriary Hospital Sierra Oeste Madrid Sept 2017-Dec2017
    • Internal medicine consultations.
    • Emergency consultations.
    • Basic surgery on soft tissue.
    • Behavioural medicine consultations.
  • Intership at Ethology department EOTVOS LORAND February 2017-August 2017.
  • Voluntary veterinary surgeon at the “Amigos de los animales” animal shelter, in Carballo; where I usually carry out sterilizations and general preventive medicine. In addition, I help the new owners with the behaviour part. A Coruña 2012-January 2017
  • Veterinary surgeon at “Lua Veterinary Clinic”. A Coruña. 2010, March- January 2017
    • Internal medicine consultations.
    • Emergency consultations.
    • Basic surgery on soft tissue.
    • Consultations about small mammals and reptiles.
    • Clinical ethology consultations.

Teaching experience:

Teaching personal in official courses for Xunta de Galicia. “Welfare in animal transportation” NAGAR company. Oza dos Rios. A Coruña. 2016-2017

Domestic and foreign scholarships:

National PhD scholarship (Hungary. From 2018-2022)

5 most significant publications (within 5 years):

Gerencsér, L., Fraga, P.P., Lovas, M., Újváry, D. and Andics, A., 2019. Comparing interspecific socio-communicative skills of socialized juvenile dogs and miniature pigs. Animal cognition22(6): 917-929. doi:10.1007/s10071-019-01284-z

Abdai, J., Baño Terencio, C., Pérez Fraga, P, Miklósi, Á. 2018. Investigating jealous behaviour in dogs. Scientific Reports, 8: 8911. doi: 10.1038/s41598-018-27251