CV – Dávid Jónás, PhD

Place & date of birth: Budapest, Hungary – June 20, 1987
Nationality: Hungarian
Education: Animal Breeding and Genetics (2012)

2013-2016                AgroParisTech, ABIES Doctoral School, PhD training
2010-2012                AgroParisTech, European Master in Animal Breeding and Genetics (M.Sc. dual-degree)
2010-2012                Wageningen University, European Master in Animal Breeding and Genetics (M.Sc. dual-degree)
2006-2009               Kaposvári University, Animal Production Engineer B.Sc. degree

Languages skills: English, French

Degree: PhD (2016)

Professional experience and positions:
2019-                       Research fellow, Department of Ethology, ELTE
2018-2019                Assistant research fellow, Department of Ethology, ELTE

Teaching experience:
Advanced R programming (0 EA + 2 Gy) sincec 2020
Analysis of OMICS data (0 EA + 4 Gy) since 2019

Domestic and foreign scholarships:
2017-2019                University Scholarhip (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)
2017-2018                Visegrád Scholarship granted by the Visegrád Fund
2010-2012                Erasmus Mundus ’Category B’ scholarship granted by the European Commission

5 most significant publications (within 5 years):
Jónás, D., Sándor, S., Tátrai K., Egyed, B., Kubinyi, E. (2020). A preliminary study to investigate the genetic background of longevity based on whole-genome sequence data of two Methuselah dogs. Frontiers in Genetics, 11: 315. doi: 10.3389/fgene.2020.00315

Karányi Zs., Halász L., Acquaviva L., Jónás D., Hetey Sz., Boros-Oláh B., Peng F., Klein F., Géli V. and Székvölgyi L. Nuclear dynamics of the COMPASS subunit Spp1 prepares meiotic recombination initiation sites for break formation. J. Cell. Biol. 217(10):3398-3415.

Czimmerer Zs., Nagy Zs., Nagy G., Horvath A., Silye-Cseh T., Kriston A., Jónás D., Sauer S., Steiner L., Daniel B., Deleuze J. F. and Nagy L. 2017. Extensive and functional overlap of the STAT6 and RXR cistromes in the active enhancer repertoire of human CD14+ monocyte derived differentiating macrophages. Mol. Cel. Endocrinol. 7207(17): 30414-30418.

Sanchez M. P., Jónás D. [presenting author], Baur A., Ducrocq V., Hozé C., Saintilan R., Phocas F., Fritz S., Boichard D. and Croiseau P. 2015. Implementation of genomic selection in three French regional dairy cattle breeds. Oral presentation at the 67th Annual meeting of the European federation of animal science. Belfast (Northern Ireland). 29 August – 2 September, 2016.

Jónás D., Ducrocq V. and Croiseau P. 2017. The combined use of LD-based haploblock and allele frequency-based haplotype selection method enhances genomic evaluation in dairy cattle. J. Dairy Sci. 100(4): 2905-2908.