CV – Bence Ferdinandy

Place & date of birth: Szeged, Hungary – September 9, 1988
Nationality: Hungarian
Education: physicist (2012)

2010 – 2012                 ELTE Master in Physics

2007 – 2010                ELTE Bachelors in Physics

Languages skills: English, German

Degree: PhD (2000); Habilitation (ELTE, 2015)

Professional experience and positions:
2015-                                research assistant – MTA-ELTE Comparative Ethology Research Group

2012-2015                        contracted research fellow, ELTE EU ERC COLLMOT project

Teaching experience:
2012-2014 Modern Physics Laboratory (ESR spectroscopy, Spectra of hydrogen and alkali metals)

Professional awards and recognition: 2011 – ELTE TTK Excellent Student of the Faculty

5 most significant publications (within 5 years):
Ferdinandy, B., Ozogány, K., Vicsek, T., “Collective motion of groups of self-propelled particles following interacting leaders.” Submitted to Physica A (2016).

Ferdinandy, B., Mones, E., Vicsek, T., Müller, V., “HIV competition dynamics over sexual networks: first comer advantage conserves founder effects.” In: PLoS Comput Biol 11.2 (2015).

Ferdinandy, B., Ferdinandy, B., Bhattacharya, K., Ábel, D., Vicsek, T., “Landing together: How flocks arrive at a coherent action in time and space in the presence of perturbations.” In: Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 391.4 (2012).