CV – Ákos Pogány, PhD

Place & date of birth: Pécs, Hungary – 11. 06. 1978.
Nationality: Hungarian
Education: Diploma and Teaching Certificate in Biology
Contact: +36-1-411-6500 /Ext. 8898, e-mail:

2003-2006           PhD, Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Science, PhD School in Biology, PhD Program in Ethology

1997-2002           Diploma and Teaching Certificate in Biology, University of Pécs, Faculty of Science

Languages skills: English, Spanish

Degree: PhD (2009);

Professional experience and positions:
2015-                    Senior lecturer – Department of Ethology, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary

2010-2015           Research fellow – Department of Ethology, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary
2007-2010           Assistant research fellow – Göd Biological Station, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary
2006-2007           Fixed-term research appointment – Department of Biology and Biochemistry, University of Bath, UK

Teaching experience – Own, independently developed courses:
2015-     Biology Criterion (BSc and biology teacher practice)
2015-     Theory of Biology Teaching (BSc and biology teacher practice)
2014-     Introduction to Behavioural Ecology (BSc course)
2014-     Behavioural Ecology (MSc practice)
2014-     Ethology (BSc practice)
2013-     Introduction to Behavioural Ecology (BSc course, in English)
2006-     Behavioural Ecology doctoral course (PhD course)

Domestic and foreign scholarships:
2018 Bolyai+ New National Excellence Program – Ministry of Human Capacities, Hungary

2017  János Bolyai Research Scholarship – Hungarian Academy of Sciences
2017 New National Excellence Program – Ministry of Human Capacities, Hungary
2012-2013           Hungarian Scholarship Board, Eötvös Postdoctoral Scholarship (Bielefeld, Germany)
2004                      Marie Curie Fellowship (University of Bath, UK)
2001                      Erasmus Scholarship (Lund University, Sweden)

5 most significant publications (within 5 years):
Pogány Á., Vincze E., Szurovecz Z., Kosztolányi A., Barta Z., Székely T., Riebel K. 2018. Personality assortative female mating preferences in a songbird. Behaviour, 155: 481-503.

Krause E.T., Krüger O., Pogány Á. 2017. Zebra finch nestlings, rather than parents, suffer from raising broods under low nutritional conditions. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 71: 152.

Fugazza C., Pogány Á., Miklósi Á. 2016. Recall of others’ actions after incidental encoding reveals episodic-like memory in dogs. Current Biology, 26: 3209-3213.

Morvai B., Nanuru S., Mul D., Kusche N., Milne G., Székely T., Komdeur J., Miklósi Á., Pogány Á. 2016. Diurnal and reproductive stage-dependent variation of parental behaviour in captive zebra finches. PloS One, 11: e0167368.

Pogány Á., Kosztolányi A., Miklósi Á., Komdeur J., Székely T. 2015. Biparentally deserted offspring are viable in a species with intense sexual conflict over care. Behavioural Processes, 116: 28-32.