Behaviour genetics (BIO/2/1)

4 credits, lecture, obligatory, can be taken only once
Responsible person: Enikő Kubinyi, PhD
Lecturer: Enikő Kubinyi, PhD
Requirements during the semester: take part on lectures, talks about research papers. During exam period: write an essay
Consultation possibilities: during the teaching
Mode of teaching: Journal club: after short introduction about the topic, students provide presentations based on published papers
Notes, books and recommended literature: Plomin, R., DeFries, J. C., Knopik, V. S., & Neiderhiser, J. (2013). Behavioral genetics. (6th ed.) New York: Worth Publishers.

Detailed topics of the course:
1. Introduction to behavioural genetics
– Mendel’s Laws of Heredity
– Exceptions to Mendel’s Law
2. The Interplay between Genes and Environment
3. Identifying genes
4. Gene expression and epigenetics
5. Genetic background of complex behavioural traits: cognitive (dis)abilities, personality
6. Evolution and Behaviour