Behaviour ecology (BIO/2/7)

4 credits, lecture, optional, can be taken only once
Responsible person: Ákos Pogány, PhD
Lecturer: Ákos Pogány, PhD, Balázs Rosivall, PhD, András Kosztolányi, PhD
Requirements during the semester: take part on lectures. During exam period: oral exam (present research paper and take active part in discussions)
Mode of teaching: The course is given during two full days: on the first day lectures are given, on the second day (ca. 1 week after the first) students are required to introduce, discuss and evaluate a chosen research paper with active participation of the audience.
Books: Alcock, J: Animal behaviour
Krebs, JR  & NB Davies: Introduction to Behavioural Ecology

Detailed topics of the course:
1.Introduction to behavioural ecology (András Kosztolányi)
– historical background and place of the filed in science
– research questions, methods and approaches in behavioural ecology
2. Preferential parental investment in birds (Balázs Rosivall)
3. Evolution of sex roles (Ákos Pogány)
– Sexual selection, sexual conflict and parental cooperation
– Case studies of conflict and cooperation in penduline tits
– Evolutionary mechanisms of sex roles