Animal welfare (BIO/2/10)

4 credits, lecture, optional, can be taken only once
Responsible person: Dr. Pongrácz Péter
Lecturer: Dr. Pongrácz Péter
Requirements: During the semester: preparation of short talks on animal welfare topics; writing a report of animal welfare problems at the Animal Market; preparing an ethical permission proposal to a planned experiment.
Consultation possibilities: during the semester
Mode of teaching: After a short introduction given to each topic, students prepare a presentation based on the current literature about the particular topic. Students visit at least once the Animal Market at Monor, and compile a case study on the experienced animal welfare issues. Students exercise the writing of an ethical permission proposal to a planned study.
Books: Armstrong, S. J. and Botzler, R. G. (2003). The animal ethics reader, 2nd edition. Psychology Press.

Detailed topics of the course:

  1. The scope and history of animal welfare studies
  2. What is (animal) suffering? Can animals suffer? Which animals can suffer?
  3. The connection between neural development and suffering
  4. ‘Hot spots’ of animal welfare: livestock husbandry, experimental animals
  5. Field investigations and animal welfare
  6. Animal welfare and the pet (companion) animals
  7. Legal regulations, especially on animal experimentation