Animal personalities (BIO/2/12)

4 credits, lecture, optional, can be taken only once, Pázmány P. s. 1/c, 7.110
Responsible person and lecturer: Enikő Kubinyi, PhD

This is a 4 days course in the exam period. Students are required to read chapters of the recommended books or other materials and give oral presentations.

Recommended literature:

Claudio Carere és Dario Maestripieri: Animal Personalities. Behavior, Physiology, and Evolution

Jennifer Vonk, Alexander Weiss, Stan A. Kuczaj: Personality in Non-human Animals


Detailed topics of the course:
1. Introduction to animal personalities
– Personalities in a comparative perspective
– Implications for conservation biology, animal welfare and human health
2. Invertebrate personalities
3. Vertebrate personalities (focus on fish, avian and primate personality)
4. Development of human personalities and the underlying mechanisms
5. The evolution of personalities