Ádám Miklósi’s inauguration at the Academy

Ádám Miklósi’s inauguration at the Academy

Ádám Miklósi, professor of Eötvös University of Sciences, Department of Ethology, corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, has held his inauguration lecture at the Academy on the 14th, February, 2017.

Congratulations from all of us!


An ethologist’s journey around the animal mind

„Many have asked me why I became an ethologist. The fact of the matter is that even at the very beginning my primary interest was the working of the mind, and soon found that human-focused psychology may be just too specific to address this subject adequately. Cognitive ethology, on the contrary, has offered a general, evolutionary and ecological framework to describe the workings of the minds on this planet.

I was very lucky that at the time research at the Behaviour Genetics Laboratory (now Department of Ethology) proceeded in this direction on paradise fish, so my first projects followed this line.

During the past 20 years we made considerable efforts introducing a new species into cognitive research, describing its behaviours and capacities in an ethological framework. By now dogs have become one of the most important model species of cognitive ethology, doubts concerning our efforts have turned into general enthusiasm.  Research directions and methods we have grounded are an example to many research laboratories abroad, but unlike many other research teams, we are not only interested in the workings of the dog’s mind, but also its genetic and neurological bases.  We also appreciate the importance of applied science, which led us to grounding etho-robotics, as the animal, specifically the dog mind seem to be a good model for social robots cooperating with humans.

During such a journey, however the mind of the researcher also evolves. I will talk about this, among many other things in this talk, incidentally on Valentines-day…”